System Administrator, founder, and amateur martial artist.

I'm Jannik a German system administrator with a passion for all things Linux. I specialize in building robust data pipelines and automating tasks for my HomeLab Project. In my pursuit of continuous improvement, I'm currently exploring ways to enhance redundancy and resilience.

Install HA k3s with Traefik, CertManager, and a Virtual IP

In this process, we set up a high-availability Kubernetes cluster using k3s and Keepalived, and then installed and configured CertManager for certificate management and Traefik as an ingress controller, ensuring a robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

My new home network infrastructure

The article recounts the author's experience in upgrading their home network to a sophisticated homelab setup, involving the installation of advanced networking hardware and overcoming technical challenges during the migration process, ultimately resulting in a more capable and customized network infrastructure.

Proxmox VE Cloud-Init Debian 12

Solun is a service that allows you to share files, text and sending emails with end-to-end encryption, without having to worry about your privacy.


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    University of Paderborn
    Apprenticeship System Admin